Touching Spirit Bear

touching spirit bear these are my questions

1.What does Cole see as he wakes from his first night in the wilderness? What does he do as a result?

2.During the Circle, the Keeper says, “Tonight raw feelings have been exposed like plowed-up ground. But that’s when you plant seeds.” What does this mean? What feelings have surfaced and what “seeds” may be planted.

3.Describe the circumstances that led to the Circle’s decision to have Cole live on the island for a year. What reasons did the Circle have for doing this as opposed to other more conventional punishments? Do you think it will ultimately be successful for Cole? Why or why not? Use details to support your answer.

Describe Cole’s latest encounter with Spirit Bear. How is the encounter similar to his previous two encounters?

How is the encounter different from his previous two encounters?

Cole does a lot of thinking as he lies on the ground unable to move. What are three things that Cole thinks about?

Based on these thoughts, do you believe Cole is changing as a result of being isolated on the island? Use details from the story to support your answer

.What does Cole see in the spruce tree? Describe Cole’s feelings towards what he sees at the beginning of the chapter.

Then describe Cole’s feelings towards it at the very end of the chapter. What does this say about Cole?

Using an extended metaphor while looking at and thinking about the sparrows and their nest. In what ways is Cole like a baby sparrow?

In what ways is his mother like the mother sparrow? In what ways is his home like the sparrow’s nest?

Cole decides he wants to remain part of the circle of life. He chooses to live. What does Cole have to do in order to live?

What do you suppose Cole means when he says to Garvey, “I’m okay.” Does Garvey believe him? Do you believe him?

During the story, the at.oow develops symbolic meaning. What symbolic meaning does the at.oow have?

Use two details from the story to support your answer.One of the many themes of this story is that violence leads to more violence which link together like a chain. Use details from the story to support this.Cole and his mother hug twice during this chapter

. How does this compare to instances earlier in the story (before Cole’s stay on the island). How has their relationship changed or developed?Describe Edwin and Cole’s demonstration for the Circle.

Relate the demonstration to Cole’s life and experiences.Garvey says, “The whole world is a hot dog.” What does he mean by this?

What lesson does Garvey teach Cole by the way he cooks and eats his hot dog?

What advice does Garvey give to Cole about his stay on the island?

Where does Edwin take Cole just before sunrise? Why does he take him there?

What does he demonstrate to him using a stick?Explain the two meanings of the rock that Edwin has Cole carry up the slope only to roll it down again.After carrying and releasing the rock for the first time, Edwin tells Cole “Each time you do this, you’ll find more meaning.” What meaning does Cole find by carrying the rock up the hill the second time?

Cole is faced with an internal conflict when he came across a huge driftwood log. What is this internal conflict? How is the conflict resolved?

Cole encounters many animals while on the island (bear, beaver, eagle, wolf, whale, etc.). According to Edwin, “Animals are symbols.” Choose three animals that Cole encounters. Explain what they are symbols of and what Cole has learned about himself by encountering each of them.Describe Cole’s dance of anger. What did Cole learn during this dance?

Explain how Peter has been affected by Cole’s actions. What does Cole decide to do as a way to make amends? Do you believe this will work? Why or why not?

Describe what happens on Cole and Peter’s trip to soak in the pond. How does this change Peter?What do Cole and Peter carve into the empty space at the bottom of Cole’s totem pole? What do they carve this?

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