Touching Spirit Bear

Animals and the forces of nature strongly influence Cole's experience of healing during his time on the island. Comment on the symbolism and themes evoked by these various nature encounters.

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Nature is a pervasive theme in Touching Spirit Bear. The wilderness island setting for Cole's banishment and the Indian traditions surrounding the place demonstrate the centrality of nature to understanding the environment, culture, and personal healing. Almost every chapter includes mention of a different animal, which either teaches Cole a lesson or is offered a symbol of greater hidden truths.

The author wants the reader to believe that nature indeed can reveal these hidden truths, and so the beaver becomes a symbol for patients and perseverance, the eagle becomes a symbol of strength and freedom, and the whale becomes a symbol of wandering and search for truth.

Most important, of course, is the presence of the Spirit Bear as a symbol of nature's justice. When Cole is mauled by the Spirit Bear after trying to attack it, his pride and his resistance to change are crushed and overwhelmed. He is incredibly humbled by this force of nature, and it is through this transformational process that he is able to heal and find a new path for his life.