To Kill a Mockingbird

Why does Dill start to cry in chapter 19? This sensitivity is foreshadowed- remember the incident with the turtle? What paralles between what's happening in the courtroom and what Dill sees as cruelty to the turtle?

I was asked this question in class today and could not figure it out, please help?

This is in Chapter 19

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Hey, you need to submit each of your questions separately. 

Why does Dill start to cry in chapter 19?

Mr. Gilmer asks why Tom ran if he had a clear conscience, and Tom said he was afraid of being tried in court, not for what he did, but for what he didn't do.At this point, Dill starts to cry, and Scout takes him outside the courthouse. He says he can't bear to watch Mr. Gilmer behaving so disrespectfully toward Tom. Scout says that all lawyers do that and Mr. Gilmer didn't even seem to be trying as usual today. Dill points out that Atticus isn't like that. A sympathetic voice behind them agrees that it makes him sick too - they turn to see Mr. Dolphus Raymond.