To Kill a Mockingbird

Which quotes tell that Atticus is Atticus won't lie to give someone hope. He is a realist and tells it like it is rather than be protective of someone else's emotions.

From chapters 24-26

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She said Atticus tried to explain things to him, and that he must do his best not to lose hope because Atticus was doing his best to get him free. Miss Rachel’s cook asked Calpurnia why didn’t Atticus just say yes, you’ll go free, and leave it at that—seemed like that’d be a big comfort to Tom. Calpurnia said, "Because you ain’t familiar with the law. First thing you learn when you’re in a lawin‘ family is that there ain’t any definite answers to anything. Mr. Finch couldn’t say somethin’s so when he doesn’t know for sure it’s so."

Chapter 24



To Kill a Mockingbird