To Kill a Mockingbird

What was still in the knot hole of the tree? What did jem and scout do with it? What else did they find in the knot hole in October?

 page 59

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Here is the list of what they found in the tree:

2 "pieces of chewing gum" (Scout removed the wrapper from the gun when she removed it from the tree, Wrigley's Double Mint)

2 "scrubbed and polished pennies, one on top of the other" (confirmed to be a 1906 and 1900, both Indian-heads by Jem)

1 "ball of gray twine"

2 "almost perfect miniatures of two children" (Scout and Jem)

1 "whole package of chewing gum"

1 "tarnished medal" (confirmed to be a Spelling Bee medal from before the Finch children were born)

1 "pocket patch that wouldn't run, on a chain with an aluminum knife"