To Kill a Mockingbird

What part of the Mruna family structure do the Maycomb ladies find particularly offensive? What do you think of this system?

To Kill a Mockingbird chapter 27

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The women discuss the plight of the Mruna people, a non-Christian group in Africa who are said to live in squalor and are being converted thanks to the efforts of a missionary named J. Grimes Everett.The women find the tribe's alleged treatment of family offensive,

They put the women out in huts when their time came, whatever that was; they had no sense of family—I knew that’d distress Aunty—they subjected children to terrible ordeals when they were thirteen; they were crawling with yaws and earworms, they chewed up and spat out the bark of a tree into a communal pot and then got drunk on it.

This is all terribly ironic considering how badly these women treat African Americans in their own community.