To Kill a Mockingbird

What happens to change Scout's view of a woman's world and a man's world?

In chapter 24 we are given the first indication that she may be a "lady". 



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Aunt Alexandra has ladies over for a meeting of the Missionary Society of Maycomb, and keeps Scout in attendance in order for her to learn to be a lady. When the ladies criticize the blacks in town as being "sulky darky”, Miss. Maudie sharply admonishes these women. Scout decides that Miss.Maudie is what a real Southern woman should be like. 

what about a man's world?


i think you left that one out


I think Scout discovers that a man's world can be harsh and unjust. She keenly feels this when Atticus tells her that Tom Robinson had been shot. 

is that part of chapter 24?

Yes they found out Tom was killed in ch. 24. 

you didn't answer WHAT happends to Scouts views

 Scout once thought the world of men to be fair and that people could change once they see the truth. Tom Robinson being shot destroys this view of the world. 

what hapends to scouts views of a womans world... sorry i do not know hoe to phrase the question