To Kill a Mockingbird

what conflicts are portrayed in the book to kill a mockingbird as th trial unfolds

conflicts between all characters as the trial unfolds

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Well, there are the obvious external conflicts. Bob and his daughter Mayella are accusing Tom Robinson of a rape that he did not commit. There is the external conflict between many in the town who think that Atticus should not be defending Tom. This spills over to his kids, Scout and Jem. Scout and Jem manufacture a conflict between Boo Radley and themselves. The internal conflicts are much more interesting. Atticus really hopes the town will see past their bigotry but inside he seems to know he will lose the trial. Bob and Mayella know the ugly truth. Mayella, in particular, struggles with her lies on the stand. The jury knows the truth. They take so long to send a verdict because of the class between the truth and their bigotry. AS the story unfolds Scout and Jem struggle with the idea of Boo as a monster. Scout and Jem struggle with the verdict that the jury hands down. They cannot understand the darkness in their friends and neighbours in the face of such compelling evidence. There are more but hopefully this will help you think of a few more.