To Kill a Mockingbird

What can be deduced about the character of Atticus from his defense of Tom Robinson?

who is Tom Robinson

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Tom Robinson is the innocent black man (Mockingbird) who Atticus is defending against a false rape charge in court. As to your first query, Atticus is everything that I strive to be but will never attain. I don't have room here to properly do him justice. Atticus is one of those rare people who stands up in the face of immense opposition for what are right. Atticus has a shrewd legal mind; he appeals to the jury's conscience when it would be so easy to lecture them. He is a gentleman who leads by example; this is even how he raises his kids. Atticus has a gentle way about him; he appeals to the best in people. Unfortunately, in much of Maycomb, the best in people was very hard to reach.