To Kill a Mockingbird

the final section of "To kill a mockingbird" 2 separate plots come back togetherthe trial of Tom Robinson and the mystery of Boo Radley

How do the final events bring these 2 stories togetherand exemplify the title of the book

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Right after Tom Robinson is convicted, Bob Ewell is in a bad way. Although the jury convicted Tom, they certainly did not believe Mayella. The jury just could not take a Negro's word over a white girl's word even if the girl is a Ewell. The whole town knows the truth and Bob Ewell feels humiliated. Bob blames Atticus and goes after the only people he can scare. He attacks Scout and Jem which brings out the reclusive Boo Radley as their savior. Thus the Tom Robinson story and the Radley story come together. The two gentle mockingbirds (Boo and Tom) give meaning to the title of the book.