To Kill a Mockingbird

scout is growing up. explain her feelings now about the following items: the games concerning Boo Radley, her remaining desire to see Boo Radley, Atticus's knowledge about their previous activities, and "current events" class

chapter 26

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That's allot but in short Scout is maturing. She begins to see Boo Radley as a victim rather than the monster of childhood imagination. She realizes that their games were tormenting a troubled man. She no longer has interest in "finding out" about Boo. After the violent events of the past week, Boo seems rather "tame". Scout's current affairs lesson in school turns into a lesson on Hitler, Jews and anti-Semitism. Scout is curious that although Miss. Gates loathed Hitler and his persecution of Jews, she had said, “it’s time somebody taught them a lesson” about Tom Robinson. Scout wonders why her charity didn't extend to persecuted people in her own community.Atticus gently leads her in this direction and Scout discovers the discrepancy herself.