To Kill a Mockingbird

in the novel of "To kill a Mocking Bird" how does inhabiting the various characters point of view provide depth to the experience of the novel ?

Lee is skilled @ presenting the complexities of people and situations seen from multiple points of view.

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The story is written in first person limited omniscient. This means that Lee, through Scout, is able to get multiple points of view as far as Scout sees them. Scout is, however, a reliable narrator. Scout is apparently writing in retrospect (she is an adult when writing this). This gives her views a sense of maturity. Scout matures as he novel progresses and we see this in the writing. Characters have more depth. Scout, for example, notices during the trial that Mayella is a sad victim rather than an antagonist. Scout increasingly fleshes out the characters and situations to give us a well-rounded and often entertaining view of this period in Maycomb.