To Kill a Mockingbird

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I have to do alot of reading for this book this weekend, and answer a ton of questions..I'm stuck though.

Questions I don't know:

-Which details help the reader understand that the jail house is a symbol of Maycomb's resistance to progress?

-What persuades the lynching party to give up their attempt on Tom's life?

-Which facts in Chapters 17 & 18 give the reader a picture of the Ewells?

-What does Atticus mean when he speaks of "polite fiction"?

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I think I know the fourth answer for your To Kill A Mockingbird homework questions.

4. "Polite fiction" is when people know the truth but they make up a fiction just for the sake of politeness.

The jailhouse is an ugly building cramped between two businesses on Main Street.

okay, thank you so much!

Thank you for your detailed answer! I've finished now! :)