To Kill a Mockingbird

Earlier in the novel scout complains that she and jem are"parting ways". Will they continue to be distance from each other as they grow older?

TO KILL a mockingbird 

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It is importtant to note that they are only kids. At one point Dill promises to marry her,

"He had asked me earlier in the summer [first summer] to marry him, then he promptly forgot about it. He staked me out, marked as his property, said I was the only girl he would ever love, then he neglected me. I beat him up twice but it did no good, he only grew closer to Jem...."

These are the games of children beginning to get a vague idea about relations between the sexes. Still, it shows that Dill is fond of her. Also, when Dill ran away from his mom's house, he hid underneath Scout's bed. If Scout and Jem continue to know each other into adulthood, there is no doubt their relationship will mature and change.