To Kill a Mockingbird

can you find evidence that jem is beginning to understand more than scout about boo radley? what do you thnik of this?

its dealing with jem ans scout about knowing better about boo radley. with the details to show you about whats going on. in in the chapter 7


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I think that Nathan Radley cementing  the knothole in the tree really changes Jem. The next day, they are horrified to discover that someone has filled their hole up with cement. They ask Mr. Radley about it, and he claims the tree is dying and filling the knothole with cement will keep it alive. Jem is suspicious, and when he asks Atticus about it, Atticus says the tree looks very healthy, but that Mr. Radley must have a good reason for plugging up the hole. Jem thinks on Atticus's statement and about who might be leaving the gifts. He stands out on the porch by himself for a long time. When he comes inside, Scout thinks it looks like he has been crying. Jem realizes that the world can be a harsh, unfair, and uncompromising place.