To Kill a Mockingbird

Because of Atticus, the white jury took much longer than expected to reach its decision in Tom's case. Miss Maudie sees this as a "baby step" forward for the community. Do you think the case of justice is best advanced through such "baby steps"? Explain.

I know it's my opinion but I don't understand what it's trying to say

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This case has to be measured in "baby steps". Racism and bigotry was entrenched in the culture of the American South. One court case would not be able to free people from the shackles of bigotry. The truth, however, was plain for the town to see. Atticus proved Tom's innocence beyond any doubt. The town knew the truth and some were beginning to speak up. It was Mr. Cunningham, the leader of the mob that cornered Atticus, who held the jury from voting guilty right away. Even though Tom was convicted, the seeds of change could be seen in the white population of Maycomb.