To Kill a Mockingbird

as scout stands on the radleys front porch, she flashes back to a number of sciences from the previous two years. summarize these flashbacks. what is the significance of scouts remembering these scenes while standing on boo's porch in chapter 30 tkam

Can someone help me with a few questions from tkam I'm on the last chapter but can't remember some of the flashbacks ?? I just want a short simple answer if possible.

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This actually happens in chapter 31. Scout does reminisce about her neighborhood and Boo Radley. All of a sudden her childhood experiences come into clarity. Scout has changed; she has matured. She understands that there is much more to life than ghost stories and imagination. There is a flip side to life and often an ugly side. Scout, however, now understands that she was meant to know Boo in this very different way,

We came to the street light on the corner, and I wondered how many times Dill had stood there hugging the fat pole, watching waiting, hoping. I wondered how many times Jem and I had made this journey, but I entered the Radley front gate for the second time in my life. ch 31