To Kill a Mockingbird

According to Atticus, Boo Radley placed the blanket on Scout's shoulders. Recall the "crimes" the townspeople have attributed to Boo. How do you explain the disparity between Boo's act of kindness toward Scout and the stories of the townspeople?

What do you think? What is your best answer? I dont remember this part.

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Boo was attributed with stabbing his dad in the leg with scissors, and causing trouble with some bad boys. The bys were drinking and being disorderly; Boo resisted arrest. His dad was fortunately able to work out a deal with the police so Boo wouldn't have to go to reform school. Other than this, Boo was blamed for everything that went wrong. Boo is a mystery surrounded by rumors and superstition.

As for his kindness to Scout...... Boo was not what people believed him to be. They simply continued to build on Boo's story and continually make him out to be something he wasn't. No one ever gave him a chance......