Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

what was good of the river? was everyone came their to be die of thirst

ch 7

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In context, J and Harris were sharing the work while George was at work. They were having a difficult time getting things loaded. Harris was frustrated because he wanted a drink.... a real drink and there were no pubs nearby. Harris' point becomes one of the fact that a vacation is supposed to afford one luxury and relaxation.... and there was none to be found. He doesn't want lemonade.... he wants a beer.

“I never see him doing any work there,” continued Harris, “whenever I go in. He sits behind a bit of glass all day, trying to look as if he was doing something. What’s the good of a man behind a bit of glass? I have to work for my living. Why can’t he work. What use is he there, and what’s the good of their banks? They take your money, and then, when you draw a cheque, they send it back smeared all over with ‘No effects,’ ‘Refer to drawer.’ What’s the good of that? That’s the sort of trick they served me twice last week. I’m not going to stand it much longer. I shall withdraw my account. If he was here, we could go and see that tomb. I don’t believe he’s at the bank at all. He’s larking about somewhere, that’s what he’s doing, leaving us to do all the work. I’m going to get out, and have a drink.”

I pointed out to him that we were miles away from a pub.; and then he went on about the river, and what was the good of the river, and was everyone who came on the river to die of thirst?