Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

What do you learn about human nature and the three friends from the following incidents?

i) The way they react to the fair wether predictions of an old man and a person who predicts bad weather.

ii) The confusion at Waterloo station and how they resolved it.

iii) Why was Montmorency unhappy and deeply suspicious as he sat in the prow of the boat?

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To all of these, we see the folly and humour when people try to take themselves too seriously. The humour in each of these cases lies in the simple irony of life. The friends are very "English" and expect their plans to follow through. When they don't, the friends react with folly causing mishaps that are humorous. Of course Montmorency seems to be the only one who expects these guys to mess up and is often suspicious of any plan these men come up with.