Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

The writer's way of writing a story is to exaggerate. Describe the following incidents in the chapter and point out the exaggeration

a) The description of a holiday ruined by the writer's paying attention to the weather report of a local newspaper.

b) The words used by the writer for weather forecasts are,"irritating", fraud', tomfoolishness and aggravating". Do you agree with him? Why/ Why not?

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The tone of the narrative sounds like a slightly exaggerated story to add effect. They read the weather report calling for "heavy showers with thunderstorms". Of course the opposite weather happens. The sunny day with happy people going and returning from picnics sounds a little embellished for effect.

I can see disappointment in the weather report, but again his reaction suits the tone of his previous statement. It is a little over the top.