Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

give a brief account of the luggage that attracted a crowel on the street ?

from three men in the boat

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When they finally depart, the greengrocer’s errand-boy mocks them for their immense amount of luggage. As the men wait for a taxi, passers-by speculate about where they are going.

there seemed to be a lot of luggage with the three friends. harris and jim felt rather ashamed of their luggage.

the large luggage attracted a lot of street boys.the first to arrive their was bigg'sboy. bigg's boy the green grocer employed the most unprincipaled errand boys thjat civilization has ever produced . hecame to a dead stop infront of their luggage , another boy appeared and bigg's boy told him"hi, ground floor of 22's a moving.' so soon a crowd collected, one group thought it was a wedding and harris was the bridegroom. the more thoughtful and older group thought it was a funneral and jim is the corpse's brother.

the question wants a brief account of the 'luggage'. it was they had a gladstone and a melon in a  bag all by itself as it was bulky. then they had a bag full of food items. they had the frying pan wrapped in brown paper as it was too long to put into any bag.