Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Describe the cheese incident & how t lent a humorous touch to the novel “Three men in a Boat”

hint chapter 4

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J. launches into a long digression about when his friend Tom once asked him to transport some cheese on a train journey. Everyone sitting in J.’s car left because the smell was too strong. When J. delivered the cheese to Tom and his wife, Tom’s wife refused to stay in the house until the cheese was eaten. They could not escape the cheese's stench until they buried it miles away at the seaside.

I find the novel 'Three Men In A Boat' very humorous. There were many instances when I couldn't control myself from laughing! One of a very humorous event was when Jerome told his story of a time he volunteered to carry some large cheese for one his friend. He decided to go from the train. As he entered and sat on his seat people left the train. It was because the cheese he was carrying would stink a lot and the smell was very strong.When Jerome delivered the cheese to his friend Tom and his wife, Tom’s wife refused to stay in the house until the cheese was eaten.They could not escape the cheese's stench. Thus they decided to bury it. They buried the cheese miles away at the seaside!

The novel Three Men in a Boat is a very interesting book. It contains many incidents that are very humorous. From all the humorous incidents I have read I find the cheese incident very funny. Jerome's friend Tom asks him to carry cheese form Liverpool to London. J. took them in a cab. The horse of the cab got out of control due to the odour of the cheese. In order to control his speed the porter put a handkerchief on his nose. The people of the train vacated his cab and he was all alone. Even Tom's wife hated the smell of the cheese that she refused to stay in the house. Jerome's friend finally buried the cheese in the beach.