Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

. elaborate any 3 incidents which bring out the high spirited nature of montmorency.

he is the dog of J in the book : 3 men in a boat

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Montmorency was burnt by the kettle water. He proceeded to attack the boiling kettle,

"And he rushed at that poor little kettle, and seized it by the spout.

Then, across the evening stillness, broke a blood-curdling yelp, and Montmorency left the boat, and did a constitutional three times round the island at the rate of thirty-five miles an hour, stopping every now and then to bury his nose in a bit of cool mud."

Tom, the cat, is chased by Montmorency. He feels The cat had wronged Montmorency so he doesn’t want to hear a word “cat” anymore. He basically chases Tom around. The cat merely calmly trots while Montmorency stumbles around.

Montmorency catches a water-rat and offers it to the men to add to the stew.

Montmorency killed the lemon pretending them to be rats, he kept killing the lemon untill he was hit on his head by an umbrella by jerome klapka jerome( the writer himself)This shows his high spiritual nature.Moreove point to remember Montmorency was fiction charector but all three freinds were real life freinds.