Things Fall Apart

In your opinion, what contributes most to the final tradegy of okonkwo? Could his fall have been averted?

I (8th grade) need to write a one page essay on this topic but do not understand this book at all. wondering if you could help by giving topic sentences and/or main ideas to paragraphs. i also am not good at writing at all! Remember I'm in 8th grade!!!! thanks a lot!!!!

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Also, you will need to write your own stuff in the end. These are merely ideas to help you along. If there is something you don't understand, reply on this thread rather than asking again.

i don't know why/how my computer sent the questions so many time i only sent two this one and my first one. srry

and how could his fall been averted like; not sinning as much or what?

Okonkwo was stubborn as well as proud. Really with the coming of the Europeans with their religion, their guns and their thirst for land, Okonkwo's tribe had its days number. An indigenous population could not survive such a foreign influx intact. Okonkwo was destined to self destruct regardless of the European arrival. You are correct, he has way too many sins on his head. Okonkwo shut out any feelings , what he felt, were "feminine". That didn't leave him with much. I think the Europeans merely helped to speed up the process of his self-destruction. Okonkwo had far too many sins upon his head, even for his own culture to keep going as normal.

thanks for all your help!!!!

No worries!