Things Fall Apart

How Okonkwo changed to the Westernize culture (missionaries) and to Ibo culture??

I'm making an essay of 'how two culture collide and changed okonkwo's life'

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Okonkwo never changes his culture, if anything the Western culture killed him. While Okonkwo was exiled, the missionaries established themselves. They one easy converts by thriving in the Evil Forest and more importantly accepting the outcast into the Church. People, like Okonkwo's son Nwoye, flocked to the acceptance of the Church. Their strength and economy no longer depended on Gods or yams, the white missionaries changed the balance of power. With white missionaries came white soldiers and the Igbo became subjugated whether they liked it or not. This of course would all be too much for Okonkwo to bear. He returns to a village divided. The men who had not joined the white missionaries were afraid to fight. Okonkwo knew his culture, as he had known it, was finished.

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I would recommend the book "The wretched of the Earth", any page of it contains vast explanations about colonialism.

I don't get what you mean Aslan. About the book I mean.