Things Fall Apart

Achebe spends some time developing the story of Ozoemena and Ndulue. What is the purpose of this story? What does it illustrate about the differences in the way of thinking between Okonkwo and Obierika, but also about the village as a whole?

Chapter 8

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Upon finding her husband Ndulue dies, Ozoemena goes into her hut and dies as well. It is as if they were of "one mind" dependent on each other. They were the masculine and the feminine intertwined to create one. Okonkwo doesn't get this. To Okonkwo (especially) and much of the village the feminine and the masculine are separate. Indeed a powerful man has many wives and is certainly not dependant on one. Okonkwo does not understand how emotionally and practically dependant he is on his own wives. Obierika , sort of a foil to Okonkwo, tries to spell it out for him. Okonkwo still doesn't get it.