Their Eyes Were Watching God

Why did Janie come to visit her grandmother after three months of marriage-what is her problem?

chapter 3 and 4

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Janie moves into Logan's house and immediately does not like it. She thinks it looks like a "stump in the middle of the woods that no one had ever seen." After three months pass and she still feels no love for Logan, she visits Nanny. Nanny says she should love Logan merely because he has sixty acres of land on the main road. Janie says that the land does not matter. She wants sweet things in her marriage like the beauty of sitting under a pear tree. Janie starts crying and Nanny sternly tells her that her mind will change as time passes.


I think this might be because Nanny has been the person who has raised and turned Janie into the woman she is at that point of the book. It can be comforting for Janie since she isn't sure of what to do when she is faced with an internal issue (in regards to marriage). At this point we see Janie become a bit more independent in her thinking and it starts to lead into her running away with Joe Starks.