Their Eyes Were Watching God

what is the significance of the statement, "The dream is the truth"?

their eyes were watching god

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Anyways..You've heard the expression of waiting for your ship to come in. That ship would be loaded with everything you dream of. So in that same theme that ship would be at sea. . .at a distance. . .for each man. If your ship comes in you get your dreams. . .and this says that for some, their dreams come true but for others, their dreams remain unobtainable . . . just out of reach. Some men resigned to never having what they dream of stop reaching for them. They give up or they simply run out of time and die. This the author says is the life of men.

But for women, he says they have the ability to forget their disappointments but remember everything they wish to remember. They make what they dream of their truth and so act accordingly. This is a statement made long ago when women lived the lives they were given. The part about the dream being the truth is so not so. Women didn't have the luxury of marrying for love and life was dictated by their husbands. They had no rights and whatever life their husband gave them is all they had. They had little to dream of and no choices. If you didn't marry, you became the burden of your family.