Their Eyes Were Watching God

What can you infer about Nanny from her diligent pursuit of land and a home?

ch 2 support your answer.

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Janie's grandmother is a former slave who represents the thoughts and fears of the men and women of the slave era. Nanny values wealth and security over anything else and too strongly encourages Janie to marry Logan Killicks because he possesses some land, a mule,and a house. Janie's first major triumph is to escape her grandmother's vision of happiness and recognize that she should seek her own type of freedom.

"You come head wid yo’ mouf full uh foolishness on uh busy day. Heah you got uh prop tuh lean on all yo’ bawn days, and big protection, and everybody got tuh tip dey hat tuh you and call you Mis’ Killicks, and you come worryin’ me ‘bout love." (Ch.3)