Their Eyes Were Watching God

List the signals Janie and Tea Cake did not heed- signals which would have helped them gain control of their lives before catastrophe (chapter 18)

Their eyes were watching god 

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One afternoon, Janie sees Seminole Indians passing through town heading east. They warn her that a hurricane is coming. Nobody believes that there can possibly be anything wrong. After all, the bean-picking season is going well, and everyone is making huge amounts of money.

The weather becomes very still, and the animals leave. The snakes, possums and rabbits all hurry east to Palm Beach. Some people get scared and leave, including the Bahamans leave. One Bahaman boy, Lias, encourages Tea Cake to come with him, but Tea Cake is resolute about staying in the Everglades. He responds that the "Indians don't know much uh nothin', tuh tell de truth. Else dey'd own dis country still. De white folks ain't gone nowhere." Lias tells Tea Cake that he will wish he had left when the hurricane comes.