Their Eyes Were Watching God

Do you see this mindset present in Their Eyes Were Watching God or do you think the novel contradicts this opinion?

Hurston believed that “African Americans didn’t need approval or help from Caucasian Americans to succeed.”

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By all means, Hurston seems to suggest that African Americans have the fortitude to persevere without the help of whites. That is not to suggest she paints a rosy-colored picture of a life run by African-Americans - on the contrary, Janie's constant struggles with men cause pain for her and often lead to failures. However, Janie's long struggle, despite her many setbacks and heartbreaks, perseveres. She returns to her home at the beginning of the novel (and at the end, since most of the novel is in flashback) having gone through the destruction of the Everglades and finding herself yet again alone. But she goes on. Even though she's defined herself so much by her men for much of her life, she has shows herself a strong individual, and as such supports Hurston's opinion as expressed above.