Their Eyes Were Watching God

Describe the lives of Janie and Tea Cake in the Everglades

Ch. 14

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anie and Tea Cake move to the Everglades, very near Lake Okechobee. They arrive in early September to ensure that they can find a house, because when the bean-picking season begins, the boarding houses will be too full to even find floor space to sleep on.

Once the season begins, Tea Cake spends his day picking beans while Janie tends the house. Although Tea Cake spends a lot of free time entertaining Janie with his guitar, there still is not much for her to do. So Tea Cake teaches Janie how to hunt and fish. Thanks to Tea Cake's encouragement, Janie becomes an exceptional hunter, better even than her husband. At night the pianos "clang and clamor." People sing the blues and "dance, fight, sing, cry, laugh, win and lose love." Tea Cake's house becomes the center of social life. People come to hear him play the guitar and laugh at his stories. Tea Cake starts visiting Janie during the day. One day, Janie asks why. He tells her that he misses her too much to be away all day long. He asks her to come out to the field to work with him and she does.