The Young Elites


It follows the story of Adelina Amouteru. A decade after the blood fever swept through the nation, most survivors—all of whom were children—gained strange markings during their time of illness. Those with visible markings became known as ″malfettos″. When people close to ″malfettos″ or people who have family members who are ″malfettos″ began having strange accidents or sometimes even death, people began to believe that ″malfettos″ were bad luck and they began being treated like second-class citizens. What people didn't originally know was that the blood fever gifted some of these ″malfetto″ children with strange abilities, and the children with these powers became known as The Young Elites. The Inquisition Axis believes that Young Elites are dangerous and vengeful and will destroy the nation. Thus, they seek to destroy them before they can do so.

Adelina Amouteru was a survivor of the blood fever. Due to the blood fever, her black hair has turned silver and her left eye is gone. Unfortunately, she grew up with an abusive father. He was a cruel and harsh father who wished to exploit her gifts if she had any. What both of them didn't knew was that Adelina is a Young Elite with the power to weave illusions that can trick the sense of sight, touch, smell, and sound. One night, in an attempt to escape from her father she accidentally murdered him using her hidden powers. She was then caught by The Inquisition Axis and was later to be executed. In the middle of her execution she was rescued by The Dagger Society, a group of Young Elites that seek out other Young Elites before The Inquisition Axis could and teaches them to control and use their gifts.

Though it seemed that the Dagger Society saved her out of kindness at first, the reader learns of the motives of Enzo, the leader of the society and the former heir of the throne, After his parents’ deaths, his sister removed his title and banished him from the palace because of him being a malfetto. She then married a duke, who became king, and started denouncing malfettos so Enzo could not regain the throne. Enzo seeks to overthrow the current king and gain control of the kingdom with the help of his society. Yet, as the story continues, Enzo and Adelina start to develop feelings towards each other.

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