The Yellow Wallpaper

what psychological stages does the story go through as the story progresses? How does her psychological state effect her physical state?

psychological stages

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The narrator does go through several stages as she decends into madness. At the beginning of the story, she is suffering from, most likely, post-partum depression when her husband locks her away. As she begins to notice the specifics of the room, things begin to fall apart for the narrator. She gradually, then, becomes obsessed with the wallpaper and its pattern. Then, she noticed a woman in the wallpaper and her narrative begins to ramble a bit. Her writing becomes more disjointed instead of clear. She goes against her husband's wishes to limit writing in her notebook, as well. Later in the story, she becomes obsessed with the wallpaper and the woman she believes is in the wallpaper. This truly represents her decent into madness, which ends with her crawling around the baseboards of her room and over her husband, who has passed out when he comes in the room and sees what the narrator is doing! In her own mind, the narrator is free of the confines of the wallpaper once she has torn it down and she is almost giddy at the end of the story. Very strange, indeed.