The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

What value or characteristic trait that was shown in the story?, how was it shown in the story?

characteristic traits or value

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This is a thematic question. Among other themes, friendship stands out for me. The novel makes it clear how important friendship is. First, Dorothy's only friend on the bleak and windswept Kansas prairie is her faithful canine companion, Toto. He is the only one who can bring light and joy into her life. But the even more pronounced benefits of friendship come from Dorothy's interactions with the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Lion. All three provide emotional and physical assistance to the young girl as she travels to the Emerald City to try and get back to Kansas. She is carried over a vast abyss by the Lion, forded across a river, saved from the deadly poppy field, and protected from the various minions the Witch sends after them. Her friends provide counsel and advice and together solve the journey's thorniest problems. They are her protectors and, although she is not particularly deep, her confidantes. All three of them volunteer to accompany her on her final leg of the journey to Glinda's castle, although they all had other duties to fulfill. All in all, it is unlikely Dorothy would have gotten very far without them. Friendship in this novel is key.