The Whale Rider

What happened when Rawiri took Kahu to the movies?

tjis is from chapters 1-8

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When Rawiri is asked to watch Kahu for awhile, he decides to take her to the movies and sneaks her in under his leatherjacket. For most of the movie everything proceeded quite well according to Rawiri; however, the final scene was that of a wounded whale bleeding to death. The sounds of the death throes had apparently been recorded from real whales and this had an electrifying effect on Kahu. She could only weep and weep and nothing could cheer her up. Later that night a second strange event occurs; on their way back home, Rawiri and his friends spot orca whales sliding close to shore. Kahu calls out to them, making copying the sounds of the whales she had heard earlier in the movies in a tone of warning. Then the orcas dive away.