The Wealth of Nations

Does the Quarter equals to the Quarter of nine Bushels?

I'm reading Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. At the end of Book I, Chapter XI (Of the Rent of Land) there is tables of wheat price during centuries.

In the first set of tables the column, which contains prices of this wheat is titled as 'Price of the Quarter of Wheat'

But before the second set of tables there is a text:

Prices of the Quarter of nine Bushels of the best or highest priced Wheat at Windsor Market

By context it's clear that in both sets of tables the price is set for the same quantity of wheat. But in first set of tables the price is said to be for the Quarter (i think it's Quart as I didn't find any reference for Quarter) and Quarter of nine Bushels is said to be for the second. I can't get it. What Quarter of nine Bushels means and how it can be equal to the Quarter?

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