The Way of the World

Briefly discuss the role played by the servants in Congreve's the way of the world

Briefly discuss the role played by the servant in th

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The servants; Waitwell (Mirabell's male servant) and Foible (Lady Wishfort’s female servant) announce their marriage at the beginning of the first act. Later in the play, Waitwell becomes a part of the plot to gain approval for the marriage of Mirabell and Millamant. To do so, he plays the part of one Lord Rowland in an attempt to compromise Lady Wishfort, and thus force her hand into agreeing to the young people's marriage. Waitwell gets arrested for his troubles. Numerous attempts at blackmail and Lady Wishforts desire to save herself from social disgrace eventually bring the play to its conclusion , and the young people are allowed to be wed and Mirabell's inheritance is intact.


The Way of the World