The Valley of Fear

write in detail about McMurdo's purpose of joining freeman society and his efforts to catch the scowrers and McGinty ?

it is the end of the chapter and a genuine question

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You have not cited a chapter number. Please include the chapter this question pertains to below.

He joined the Ancient Order of Freemen to arrest Mc. Ginty and the scowrers and to obtain the secrets of the lodge. He wanted them to be under the iron hand of the law of the hand. He very cleverly introduced himself to Scanlan in the train journey. Later he went to Mc Ginty to be a scowrer and he got himself branded. He was a member of the scowrers . Mc Ginty was impresed from Mc murdo for his loyalty to the lodge. Then Mcmurdo told Mcginty that there was a Pinkertin's man Birdy Edwards who was going to kill them but mcmurdo was himself Birdy Edwards and he was lying to them all the time and then he had all the secrets of the lodge and then Captain arvin arrrested mcginty and the scowrers. This was successful in his efforts.