The Valley of Fear

what does the following phrase mean "dark nights are unpleasant for strangers to travel"


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This would mean that dark nights are full of ominous mystery to a traveler that is not familiar with the place he is travelling in.

This sentence is a code sentence often asked in the play script as Dark nights are unpleasant? Answer : for strangers to travel , to identify the members oof The Ancient Order of Freemen.

it means dark days are ahead terrible days are approcing


i have the book and my teacher told when we were reading this book

It means that usually scowreers do there work at night so to be out and hee ther work could lead to a nasty coclusion.


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this is a sort of code given to mc murdo in form of warning that he is a stranger so he must be carefull of scowrers because scowrers usually do there work at night and it is usually a killing or some thing which is a crime


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It means that at nights scowrers go out for crimes , so all pupil should be carefull.Anyways it is a code to enter the lodge and to confirm that one should be part of acient oder of freemen.It is also used for testing new members.



This is their lodge handshake. It is used by the scowres to know wether the person belongs to the same lodge .In my opinion the literal meaning says that the scowrers accoplish their plans at night.


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