The Valley of Fear

What are the points of conflict between Morris and Mc Ginty?

valley of fear scene 11

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The reasons for the conflict between Morris and McGinty were that:

1) When Carter asked about Archie Swidon Harraway told Carter that Archie has sold his Swindon's property. Morris asked that who has bought that property so then Harraway answered that the State and Merton County Railroad Company has bought it. So Morris said that that company is the same which bought the Todman's mine last year and that company can do anything so save it money and for that the company will try to get us arrested so that we don't disturb their busniess. So than McGinty got angry and said that no thing can defeat us if we stay united.

2) If you refer to scene 13 there Morris meets McMurdo and tells that he joined the Freemen in Philadelphia, there this club was just a benefit club and a meeting place for one's fellow. I came to Vermissa valley to better myself and opened a dry foods store. But the word spread that I was also a Freeman and then I was forced to join this lodge.

Since Morris was forced to join the lodge so McGinty does not trust Morris that much.