The Trials of Brother Jero

thematic occupation in trials of brother jero

trials of brother jero by chinua achebe

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Do you mean by Wole Soyinka?

The most important theme is the religious hypocrisy of the main character, Brother Jeroboam (Jero) who preaches at Bar Beach in Lagos, Nigeria. He is manipulative and knows how to satisfy his "parishioners" because they want his "pie in the sky." He can work them around to his point of view and keep them subservient because they are willing to be led.

One of the main theme that Soyinka hammers at is the fake prophecy prevalent in the contemporary Nigerian society. This play is a fierce satire ,hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy done by the dramatist. However, the dramatist also highlights great satirical jibes on the blind followers of religion who are infatuated to mount the social ladder just like the ''charlatan'' Jero who is equally a disciple of Mammon.