The Tortilla Curtain

what is the significance of the end of the story, in terms of how candido and delaney are saved?

from tortilla curtain

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I don't know if they are saved. Things turn out pretty bad for Cándido. Still there are bits of hope. From the depths of his despair, Candido reaches out to help the man who was so hateful towards him, who started this terrible chain of events by hitting him with his car. This is the close of the novel, and readers are left to wonder what will happen next and whether Cándido's act of charity will be enough to send him and América some charity and good luck. Boyle has not presented a solution to the problem, simply hoping to use the novel to provide an unbiased look at the immigration problem. It is now up to the reader to take in this story, a more personal, emotional perspective, and to think for themselves what the proper channels of action should be.