The Time Machine

Describe the Time Traveler. How would you describe his personality? What about him is likable? What do you not like?

Describe the Time Traveler. How would you describe his personality?

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The Time Traveler is the protagonist of the story, and he takes over the narration from Chapter III until Chapter XII. He is a scientific man, schooled in contemporary theories about relativity and an able practitioner of the scientific method of hypothesis, observation, experimentation, and conclusion (although he freely admits that many of his early theories about the future world turn out to be wrong). He also begins his time traveling as an optimistic Social Darwinist, believing civilization will continually advance, but he quickly reverses his thoughts once he observes the Eloi and the Morlocks. His only friend in the future is Weena, with whom he has something of a romantic relationship. Her death at the hands of the Morlocks stokes the TT's deep loathing of the ape-like creatures--a hatred which most likely stems from the TT's Victorian aversion to the lower classes. Interestingly, he despises the Morlocks even though he understands, in Marxist terminology, that they have been victimized as the working class for so long. Another great irony of the novel is that the TT, in his adventures in the future world, becomes primal; he savagely beats the Morlocks with blunt instruments or his fists, and he must use primitive skills--such as lighting fires--to defeat them. So is he likeable? Well I think as far as he is inquisitive and able to see his mistakes. He realizes the irony in trying to get to the future while ignoring his past. TT often looks past his science. He is sympathetic to the Eloi and seems to enjoy beating up Morlocks. This can be pleasing to the reader but disconcerting from a "lets not interfere with time" sort of thing.