The Things They Carried

what is tims reaction to the life he takes

from the book the things they carried

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I am going to assume that this question comes from the chapter, The Man I Killed. In this chapter Tim kills a young man and has much difficulty coming to terms with what he has done. He spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about the boy; his age, what he might have become, who he was, the way he looked." He was in such a state afterwards that he couldn't pull his eyes away from the man he'd just killed; enemy or not, he saw him as member of humanity.

Tim's confusion and guilt overcome him, he sees nothing but the boy, and in his mind the world around him becomes silent. There is nothing but that moment. He sees the beauty of the man's life and the things he believes that they might have in common rather than the purpose of the war.


The Things They Carried