The Taming of the Shrew

Using Petruchio's solioquoy at the end of act 4, scene 1 of Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, answer the following 5 questions below!

#1:Examine the first three lines. To what does Petruchio compare the taming of Kate?

#2:List several terms of falconry used in the first five lines.

#3:In the sixth line, what is a "haggard"? What does the word haggard mean when used an adjective(as in "a haggard expression")?

#4:What are kites? How do they behave?

#5:In comparison to the falcon, what is Kate's physical condition?

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1) a wild bird that needs to be broken


3) haggard means exhausted/ tired

4) bird of prey

5) she is captured and being kept hungry....... obedience is everything


The Taming of the Shrew