The Taming of the Shrew

At the end of act 4, scene 1 in Petruchio's soliloquoy, from Taming of the Shrew, answer the 3 questions below!

1. What motivation doe Petruchio express near the end of the soliloquy?

2. Whom does Petruchio address in the last two lines?

3. Do you agree with Petruchio’s techniques for taming a shrew, or can you suggest a better way? If you can suggest a better way include your suggestion and why.

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He wants to tame Kate like a falcon.

He is addressing the audience.

Petruchio is trying to tame Kate through depriving her of sleep, food...I think this play must be kept in context. It is a comedy meant to entertain. Women, whether Elizabethan or today, were not meant to be "tamed". They were and are people. I think, if this resembled reality in the least, Petruchio might endeavour to really get to know Kate instead of manipulating her with pranks.