The Secret River

Was the tribe that Dick spent alot of his time with, the same tribe that his Dad (William Thornhill) killed/massacred? And was that the breaking point of their relationship? Thanks :)

Im doing a reflective monologue on the life of Dick Thornhill, that probes the thinking of why he left home and went to live with Blackwood. Any further information/notes is appreciated! :)

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Yes, to both questions. After the bloody dispersal of the Aborigines, his young son Dick leaves him to live with Thomas Blackwood. Dick cannot accept his father's participation in the slaughter, and he never speaks to William again. Long Jack is the only Aborigine left on the land. Permanently disabled by a gunshot wound, he sits on Thornhill's Point challenging William's ownership of the land.


The tribe that you are referring to are called the Darug, and Aslan answered your questions accordingly, Cheers


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