The Secret Life of Bees

What is everything Lily found in the box of her mother's ?

Chapter 13-14

This is after Lily tells August about her life and her mother.

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August enters the honey house with a box full of Deborah’s things. The two of them open the box together and examine the contents. Inside August finds a pocket mirror, which August says would reflect her mother’s face. There is also a hairbrush with a hair attached to it. Despite Lily’s anger at her mother, she is still overcome with emotion at the seeing a part of her mother’s actual body. August hands Lily a whale pin that Deborah wore on her first day in Tiburon. Next, August hands Lily a book of English poetry that she had loaned to Deborah during her stay in Tiburon. The last item in the box is a photo of Deborah leaning toward a baby Lily in a high chair. Lily is obsessed with every detail of the photo, but mostly she considers the photo to be the sign that she was looking for, a sign of love from Deborah herself.